Individual Services and Solutions

As part of individual services, the risk analysis division will:

  • devise measures based on the supervisory audits of inspection authorities (Fire Department, Regional Work Inspectorate),
  • prepare audits for insurance companies,
  • prepare and manage fire safety and occupational health and safety documentation,
  • provide expert assistance in the design of detection equipment for flammable and toxic gases and vapors (CO, CH4, CO2, H2)
  • provide expert assistance in the design of aspiration systems to reduce dust in technologies,
  • monitor the thermal regimes in equipment,
  • investigate the causes of an explosion,
  • provide individual consultations and advice on the certification process for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and the compilation of declarations of conformity in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU,
  • and undertake other assignments according to the individual needs and requirements of clients.

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