VVUÚ celebrates 70 years in a new guise

Dear business friends,

This year, VVUÚ will celebrate seventy years since it was founded. During these seven decades, we have transformed ourselves from a research institute specializing in mining safety into a modern and dynamic company with an extensive portfolio of services in testing, risk analysis and product certification.

We wanted this change to be reflected in the visual style of our company. The logo underwent the biggest change. We left the glow of the mining lamp and highlighted the main areas that capture the current focus of our company.

We firmly believe that you will like our new visual identity as much as we do. Our motivation is to facilitate and simplify the cooperation, clarity and timeliness of shared information. We are preparing several fundamental changes for you this year, which are closely connected to this rebranding of VVUÚ, which has a clear mission to help analyze risks and ensure safety, product quality and protection across industries.